UK Afrobeats Artist SILVASTONE Returns With New Single ‘Falling For You’ | Music News


SILVASTONE is back with an energetic new track titled “Falling For You”! Two years after releasing his last album, the Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean artist and producer has dropped a brand new self-produced song. Driven by upbeat drums, it still manages to carry a smooth and refreshing vibe.


After breaking through the UK Afrobeats scene in 2015 with Transitions, his debut EP, its follow-ups Levels and Affirmation were well-received and installed him as one of the UK Afrobeats artists to follow. The hardworking artist has once again met our expectations, with his second song of the year.


The song is about love and heartbreak, as explained by the artist: “‘Falling For You’ is a special song that takes me to a place of spirituality and connects with the deeper meaning of love. It was inspired by stories of repeatedly falling in love with someone despite knowing full well the relationship wasn’t working out. It’s a cry of mixed emotions and a celebration of this realisation”.


It’s the second single of the artist in 2020, promising us a great future album. We’re now curious about the next works of SILVASTONE, and we’re sure it’ll propel him higher worldwide.


Listen to “Falling For You” below.




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