UK Soul Artist Mica Millar Returns With Her Latest Single ‘Trouble’

British Soul singer Mica Millar comes to share with us her new single “Trouble”. In this track, we can discover or even rediscover the magnificent voice of Mica, accompanied by a very beautiful instrumentation, a very harmonious mix.

This savage song by the UK Soul singer is full of attitude and explores themes of karma, fate, and resilience while incorporating searing instruments and a diverse range of vocals.

The song’s lyrics caution against taking chances, but its brave and assured melody contrasts them with a tone that exhorts listeners to take a chance.

The corresponding music video, which will soon be made public, depicts the life path of a guy from childhood to adulthood as he carries and tries to unload his metaphorical karma in the form of a suitcase.

About this song, Mica Millar says, “The idea for this video was originally inspired by my grandad’s story. He had a bit of a ‘colourful life’, let’s say…

But the message that he tried to impart on me before he died was that instead of fighting his demons he was acknowledging his mistakes and trying to make amends by doing some good in the world. That was his way of ‘repenting’ I suppose. That’s the sentiment I wanted to convey through the video ”.

“Trouble” has received a tonne of support in Europe, making its way onto popular radio playlists in Germany, Italy, SWR 1, WDR 5, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Radio 24, and many more countries. It has already been selected by several critics as an album highlight.

At the Jazz FM Awards 2022 ceremony in November of last year, Mica received the prestigious award for ‘Soul Act of the Year’, which has previously gone to Philip Bailey, Jon Batiste, Jill Scott, Moonchild, and Poppy Ajudha.

Following her victory, Mica has gone on to performance at Jazz Voice, the EFG London Jazz Festival’s opening gala at the Royal Festival Hall, accompanied by the 42-piece Festival Orchestra.

Watch the video for “Trouble” by Mica Millar below!


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