Unique Alt Rock Band Midnight Divide Unveil New Single ‘Supernova’

Midnight Divide‘s distinctive brand of alternative rock is dripping with swagger, nuanced, wild, and always enjoyable. The band has just dropped their new track “Supernova” which is a sci-fi alt rock piece

It oscillates between being in-your-face and intensely introspective. The project is a proverbial smorgasbord of tasty sound bites that has everyone coming back for more.

It features an ever-evolving blend of delicious guitar riffs, punch-you-in-the-face drums, scintillating synthesisers, and magnetically soulful vocals.

Austen Moret, a musician and producer, founded Midnight Divide as a side project in 2015. His first EP, Embrace The Wave, followed by Dichotomy (EP) in 2017 and Weapons Grade Amnesia, his third EP, was released in 2019. His first album, Paradox is being introduced one at a time throughout 2023.

With numerous placements on Showtime‘s Shameless, TNT‘s Animal Kingdom, and a commercial campaign with Dior, the project has achieved great success in the TV/synch world.

With the release of their new song “Supernova”, Midnight Divide triumphantly returns to the Los Angeles alt rock scene. A sucker-punch of a lead-off single from the upcoming album Paradox that will have you head-banging.

Imagine you’re driving through a hauntingly beautiful Mad Max and Bladerunner mashup at 100 mph at midnight.

Put on some loud guitars and drums to drown out the situation as you fall hopelessly in love with a perilous woman and you’ll understand the basic tenets of “Supernova.”

Listen and enjoy the new release “Supernova” by Midnight Divide below!


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