Urban Fu$e Harmonises Diversity With Powerful Message On ‘Just Cuz We’re Young’

Urban Fu$e is a dynamic music group renowned for their multicultural blend of sounds and socially conscious messages. Their latest release, “Just Cuz We’re Young” premiered on June 7 and encourages listeners to embrace the feeling of youth, irrespective of their age, and to continue learning, creating, and experiencing life with enthusiasm.

The group’s commitment to positive change is further highlighted by their unique philosophy encapsulated in the acronym SPEMM, which stands for Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Money health. “Just Cuz We’re Young” fits into this concept, promoting a thoughtful approach to well-being. The song’s first verse emphasizes seven principles for a fulfilling life, inspired by the biblical significance of the number seven, symbolizing completion and perfection.

Founded by Suzanna Lam, known as Slam, this global ensemble brings together talents from diverse backgrounds, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Bahamas, and Vietnam. This diversity is mirrored in their music, which channels genres such as hip hop, rap, dance hall, pop, Afro beats, and Latin, always with a strong dance beat and an uplifting, educational message.

Their music addresses real-life issues, promoting messages of hope, resilience, and the importance of dreams. Urban Fu$e’s impact extends beyond their music. Their thoughtful approach and commitment to social causes make them a noteworthy force in the music industry. Their music is a celebration of life, urging everyone to live fully and meaningfully, embodying the spirit of youth and vitality.

Listen to their “Just Cuz We’re Young” single here!


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