Vancouver Artist Matt Storm Shares New Single ‘APOLOGIZE’

The alternative soul artist, Matt Storm, unveils his latest single “APOLOGIZE,” immersing us into the captivating world of the Vancouver-based musician.

“APOLOGIZE” is more than just a song. It’s an exploration of dark jazz tones, employing classic production techniques, warbly guitar sounds, improvisational flutes, and psychedelic keyboard delays. The visual representation highlights Storm and his band in a moody film studio, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

The single delves into the themes of self-forgiveness and self-discovery, navigating the depths of doubt and depression to find harmony with one’s true self. The song captures the tension preceding understanding, offering a unique mental experience and portraying a man exploring the deepest corners of his psyche.

Musically, the track boldly ventures into dark jazz and psychedelic soul. It kicks off with a powerful drum and bass groove, with Matt Storm crying out in falsetto before sliding into the melodious hook of the song.

A hypnotic groove propels the track forward, anchoring it in the pocket, while psychedelic delays wash over the sonic backdrop and layers of instrumentation drive the hook home.

Since 2016, Matt Storm has been performing and producing in Vancouver. A songwriter since the age of 13, his compositions explore introspection and hard truths.

As a third culture kid, born in the U.S. and raised overseas before settling in Western Canada, his self-taught style reflects his unconventional upbringing. Matt has worked behind the scenes with JUNO-nominated artists and played at Victoria’s Rifflandia Festival in 2022.

His single “We Went Our Own Ways” recently surpassed 2.2 million Spotify streams. In 2023, Storm toured globally, with performances in the UK, Slovakia, Toronto, and Montreal. His upcoming EP, ‘SPILT,’ is set to release in late 2024.

Matt Storm’s story is one of a bold fusion of vintage soul and jazz with modern alternative sounds. Since his beginnings in Vancouver in 2012, he has slowly found his place, experimenting with recording, songwriting, and playing in local bands.

His first official EP, Major 7th Medicine,”= released in 2018, marked his entry into Vancouver’s indie scene. In 2020, his standout track, “We Went Our Own Ways,” reached 1.8 million streams and was featured on the popular YouTube channel ‘Sailing La Vagabonde.’

With his upcoming EP, SPILT, scheduled for this summer, Matt Storm offers an experimental fusion of sounds that have influenced his journey.

The first single, “what do ya miss?,” mixed by Grammy-nominated Ben Kane, received a warm welcome in Canada and internationally, making it onto Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and circulating on CBC radio and other local stations.

This marks the beginning of a new era for Matt Storm, an artist whose seven-year journey as a recording artist and producer culminates in this self-produced EP, featuring some of Vancouver’s finest musicians.

Listen below!


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