Venezia Film Festival Day 2: What You Have To Know | Film News


Here is your daily news update about the 75th Venezia Film Festival:


On the second day of the festival, the jury had the chance to assist to three awaited movies of the season: The Mountain, The Favourite and Roma.


The Mountain is a film directed by Rich Alverson and inspired by neurologist Walter Freeman‘s story. The script once again has the ‘American first’ bite and it explores the creepy story about doctor Freeman who did more than 50 loboties in a year around the States. Jeff Goldblum‘s performance as the neurologist was described as ‘stunning’.



After the awaited guest from yesterday Ryan Gosling, today the La La Land duo will meet again. In fact, Emma Stone has reached Venice to present her next movie: The Favourite. The movie takes place in the 18th century during the war between France and England. The story is focused on the friendship between Queen Anne and Lady Sarah.



Finally, it was the Netflix turn with the screening of Roma directed by the Mexican Alfonso Cuaron. It tells the dramatic story of a family who lives in the city of Mexico. The press bet it will probably win some awards.



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