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The New York based singer, Vérité, has teased us once again with the release of the new single, “Phase Me Out”. Fans are still waiting for her debut album, which has been put off with releases of EPs (three in the last three years) and singles such as “Somebody Else” and “Underdressed”.


“Phase Me Out” hopefully comes as a promise that this is finally the year for her debut album, with this song which might not have as much impact as “Underdressed”, but that still shows off the talent of this American girl that has already started to travel the world for her music.


This single was recorded in the UK, between gigs in Brighton and London and it takes her away from the commercial pop sound that is highly trending, and yet very unoriginal in the world of music, showing how Vérité isn’t afraid to shy away from popular trends and discover new sounds.


Listen to “Phase Me Out” below and keep your fingers crossed for a possible debut album in the year of redemption for music.




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