Vin Diesel’s ‘Riddick’ Next For An Orgins Story | Film News



Vin Diesel recently revealed on Instagram that he’s working on both a new Riddick TV show and movie. The film title will be Furia. Now via his Facebook page he has given a few more details on Riddick’s fourth cinematic adventure, an origin story. No one is left to be mysterious and everyone needs an origin story even the Furyan antihero.


Diesel said “I couldn’t have done Riddick, because I just had [my daughter] Pauline nine months ago, so whenever I’m a fresh dad, I can’t go to that dark place, but, if you give me a little time, if you let me make sure all my little angels are walking, 12 months to get us all lined up, we could be looking at starting Riddick early 2017“.


Riddick director David Twohy confirmed that it will be rated R which is good news but is anyone excited for yet another origin story.



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