Virgin Suicide – Evil Eyes | Music Video


Following the release of their sophomore album Forever Trouble, Copenhagen-based band Virgin Suicide have just shared a brand new music video for their latest track Evil Eyes“.


The visual, directed by Teys Schucany, wants to explore the sensitive issue of sexuality and more widely the crisis of masculinity.


The film explores the fragile and staggering teenage years where emotions and hormones create a constant state of emotional hyper-alertness. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy under pressure from fitting in with other boys and his own growing sexuality”.


“The music film is an intimate and private look inside the teenage mind… it works as a faded but treasured memory – a memory in which i wanted to dive into a world of sexuality, gender stereotypes and generally feeling like an outsider“Schucany explains.


Martin Grønne, who is the lead singer of the band, has said “It’s a little story about growing up in the provincial towns of Denmark. It’s an emotional horror house really. About the struggles of being a sexual being…But it has something really beautiful to it“.


Speaking about their style, the jangle pop band take inspiration from artists such as Slowdive, Suede and My Bloody Valentine, with the effect to create a sound that intertwines 70s rock, 80s new wave and 90s pop.


Watch this interesting music video for “Evil Eyes” below:




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