VUURWERK + Khazali – Face It | Music Video


London-based Belgian duo, VUURWERK, a psychologist and a psychiatrist using their day jobs to inform their material, have visuals for new track, “Face It”. It was directed themselves earlier this month, shot over one, apparently long night. It also features the talents of London singer-songwriter, Khazali, too.


“Face It” pulses, gradually building in ringing, wailing cacophony before driving moodily. The claps of that drum certainly brood emphatically. The vocals are despondent but never slurred, eloquent in their desolation. Percussion, grave, urgent and immediate, tinkles frenetically before the track feigns its end, before resuming ever more intense then abrupt.


The self-made video features what looks like a storyboard format, whereby you are given in stages what sections of the video are meant to represent what. It basically has the hero rising against the odds to conquer all that encumbers him. Some of the scenes are a tad weird, though very balletic in their expression and execution. Faces meld and stretch into one, too.




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