Warner Bros. And MGM Seeking Female Director For ‘Tomb Raider’ | Film News


With the great success of the franchise from last gen consoles, Tomb Raider will be seeking and hunting out for a new female director to helm the film for Warner Bros. and MGM. It’s been 12 years since we saw Lara Croft in action on the big screen, with Angelina Jolie tackling the iconic video game character. So we have to beg the question, who can fill her shoes? (not stilettos) Or more importantly who can take on the universe and world of Tomb Raider?


The adaptation will no doubt be another origin story – much like the rejuvenated game series, that later this year will release a new instalment for next gen consoles ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’. Much like the game, they want to see the franchise take a new sight and make the character more grounded for viewers. Warner Bros. have suggested the highly anticipated Michelle MacLaren to helm the film, with success with Breaking Bad. MacLaren was also scheduled to shoot the upcoming Wonder Woman, until she dropped out). However, with success across different platforms, Warner Bros. and MGM will be seeking someone of her calibre to bring something gritty to the franchise.


Other female directors that spring to mind would be Katheryn Bigelow, with highly successful films Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, it would be an intriguing choice for Warner Bros. to take on. Who do you think should take on the Tomb Raider and bring her to the big screen? Does it have to be a female director?



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