Warner Bros. Chief Talks Differentiating DC Universe From Marvel Competition | Film News


The chief of Warner Bros. Alana Silverman recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the differentiation between their DC universe and the Marvel one that so many have adored over the past few years. With DC wanting to replicate the same success as The Avengers, Warner Bros. are pushing their superhero franchise titles through for 2016 with juggernauts such as Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad (yet audiences have probably seen the whole film now due to the released footage).


Yet Silverman went on to express that they have a intriguing procedure for the DC universe to come together. Silverman said, “and when you are trying to make a good movie, you tackle interesting philosophies and character development. There’s also humor, which is an important part“. With recent DC films not expressing that much humour (or Man of Steel with none), fans have openly said how serious the superhero franchise is and sometimes lacks excitement. With that in mind, can DC separate itself from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make an impression on audiences?



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