Warner Bros. Planning ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Movie Franchise | Film News


Fantasy film franchises have proven to be massive successes for film studios in the past. Now it looks like one of the biggest of them all, role-playing game Dungeons And Dragons, is ready to make a big return to cinemas worldwide. Warner Bros. have announced that they’ll be teaming up with Hasbro to produce a new movie based on a script by David Leslie Johnson (The Walking Dead, Orphan, Red Riding Hood), and have high hopes of turning Dungeons And Dragons into their next big money-spinning success story, both on the big screen and on television as well.


Hasbro’s Courtney Solomon, among the producers for the project, had this to say about the collaboration: “We are thrilled that this beloved property can finally make its way to the big screen after 20 years, and that it can be realized by Warner Bros., which has been responsible for the biggest fantasy franchises over the past two decades“. It won’t be the first time that Dungeons and Dragons has hit the big screen, but Warner Bros. will be hoping for more than the last film based on the franchise. Released in 2000 and followed by two direct-to-video sequels, it was panned by critics and only made back just over half of its $45 million budget.



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