Warwick Davis Confirmed To Star In ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ | Film News


Actor Warwick Davis is set to return to the Star Wars set for the next awaited movie, set for release in December 2015. Davis originally played Wicket the Ewok in the 1983 film Return Of The Jedi, as well as playing the dual roles of Weasel and Wald in the 1999 prequel The Phantom Menace.


In an interview given by Davis last year, he said; “I would like to play someone from the Dark Side perhaps wield a lightsabre? I usually have to drop loads of hints. It’s what I had to do for Episode One. I used to have to send lots of faxes to George Lucas just to remind him that I was still around“.


The latest Star Wars movie is also set to have a line up of other well known traditional Star Wars actors and actresses, some of these include; the Han Solo actor Harrison Ford, Carrier Fisher as Princess Leia and Mark Hamilton to reprise the role of Jedi favourite Luke Skywalker. Keep your eyes peeled for more up and coming Star Wars news.



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