Watch Final Red Band Trailer For ‘The Interview’ | Film Trailer


After the huge controversy over Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan‘s comedy starring Rogan and James Franco, The Interview, the movie actually went on to make just under $20 million via limited released and on demand. Now to push those unsure about the movie to the theatres, Sony have released its final Red Band trailer and if this doesn’t make you want to see the movie, nothing will.


With a sense of juvenile humor, genital jokes and foul language, the Red Band trailer is just as you’d expect and better. Following the story of an American TV host (Franco) and his agent (Rogan) who are sent on a mission to kill Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, The Interview was met with hideous internet terrorism and threats of violence upon its release, which initially lead to the complete pulling on the film by Sony. However, with it back on our screens, check out the latest trailer and see what you think.




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