Watch First Look Trailer For ‘Steve Jobs’ Biopic | Film Trailer


The début trailer for the Danny Boyle helmed Steve Jobsfilm, produced by Universal Pictures, arrived yesterday (May 17) and for someone who was lamenting the project’s loss of Christian Bale in the titular role, I have to say it looks pretty darn fantastic.


Getting a very Social Network vibe from the Aaron Sorkin penned project, we see footage of Jobs (Michael Fassbender) standing before a crowd with dialogue from the film overlapping, painting Jobs as the truly ground breaking revolutionary he really was. From the short amount of footage shown in this expertly put together trailer, the stylish tone and sweeping grandiose dialogue Sorkin is famous for, is extremely apparent and whets the appetite for what promises to be a riveting and definitive depiction of the great man.


Fassbender really looks the part and you get the feeing he, Boyle and Sorkin will all be present come Oscar night. If the movie turns out to be as good as this trailer, then it will be a real treat. The film hits screens on October 9 and you can take a look at the trailer below.




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