Watch Jennifer Aniston & John Hawkes In Trailer For ‘Life Of Crime’ | Film Trailer

Jennifer Aniston and John Hawkes star in trailer for ‘Life Of Crime’


The first trailer for Life Of Crime starring Jennifer Aniston and John Hawkes has arrived online. The film is the sequel to Jackie Brown, with Yasiin Bey known as Mos Def playing Ordell and John Hawkes playing Louis, the younger versions of Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro.


The two kidnap Jennifer Aniston, who is Tim Robbins trophy wife, and they are asking for $1 million in ransom money, unfortunately Robbins plans on divorcing her anyway so doesn’t care too much for her to be returned. The film also stars Isla Fisher, Will Forte and Mark Boone Junior. The film will open in UK cinemas on September 5, 2014.




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