Watch New Trailer For ‘The Night Before’ Starring Seth Rogen And Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Film Trailer



After teaming up for comedy drama 50/50 four years ago, director Jonathan Levine and stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have teamed up again for a decidedly less serious movie. The Night Before is the trio’s attempt at a Christmas movie, as three lifelong friends go out for their last debauched Christmas Eve party before two of the trio settle down to start a family.


This is as far removed from the sombre, heartfelt tone of 50/50 as its possible to be – but that isn’t a bad thing. I’m not going to lie, I chuckled a few times and will definitely be checking this out upon its December 11 UK release – with the festive season nearing, we are in desperate need of a bad-taste Christmas comedy of the same calibre as Bad Santa. Check out the new trailer below.




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