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The new promo for We Are Your Friends has dropped and it gives a bit more insight into what the film is actually about, other than sick beats and shit. Manual labourer by day, and wannabe DJ by night, Zac Efron plays Caleb, 23 year old aspiring musician in what is set to be a rags to riches story… possibly.


Alike many a musician these days, Caleb is looking for that one hit that will change his life forever and turn him into the star that he wants to be, unfortunately he just can’t seem to get it right. That’s where James comes in, with charisma and wit, he seems like the perfect fit, yes, he may be a bit older and damaged, but in Caleb’s eyes this man is the solution to all his problems.


Sounding good so far? well it’s a film so it obviously doesn’t stay that way, Caleb finds himself falling for James’s girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski) and ends having to make a huge decision that could effect his career and ruin everything he has worked for… duh, Duh, DUH! All very dramatic for a DJ flick I know. Directed by Max Joseph of Catfish fame, the film will heavily feature music from contemporaries Years & Years, Aluna George and Hook & Sling. We Are Your Friends is set to hit UK screens on August 27. Watch the promo trailer below.




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