Watch The First Trailer For Ben Affleck’s Oscar Hopeful ‘Live By Night’ | Film Trailer


As the film awards season is nearly here studios have started releasing footage of the hopefuls. Back in 2007 Ben Affleck made his directorial debut with an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Gone Baby Gone. Today we have the first trailer for Ben Affleck’s Live by Night, which brings another Lehane novel to life.


The plot follows Joe Coughlin’s (Ben Affleck) struggles to rise in the crime world, where the Prohibition Act has spurred a new breed of outlaws and murky fortune seekers. As he leaves Boston for Tampas his path is crossed by Graciella Corrales (Zoe Saldana) he finally seems to be on his way to achieving his dream.


Soon enough his actions catch the eye of the chief of the town Figgis (Chris Cooper) and the rest of the community. The supporting cast is rounded up by Titus Welliver, Brendan Gleeson, Elle Fanning and Sienna Miller.


Lehane’s novels (Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island, Mystic River) are renowned for their suspense, complex characters and atmospheric portrayal of Boston and Live By Night makes no exception. The latest is expected to hit theatres next January. Watch the new trailer and let us know what you think about it:




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