Watch Trailer For The ‘Bad Education’ Movie Starring Jack Whitehall | Film Trailer


The trailer for the upcoming Bad Education film has been released. The film sees teacher Alfie Wickers, played by Jack Whitehall, take his pupils on one last school trip to Cornwall, where they end up causing all sorts of mischief and chaos. Oh and we finally get to see the infamous Atticus Hoy, the friend that Alfie always mentions in class.


The film also sees Mathew Horne (Gavin & Stacey), Harry Enfield (Kevin and Perry Go Large), and Sarah Solemani (Him & Her) reprise their roles as the teaching staff; whilst Ethan Lawrence, Layton Williams (Beautiful People), Nikki Runeckles, Kae Alexander, Weruche Opia (Top Boy), Jack Binstead and Charlie Wernham (Hollyoaks), return as Alfie’s pupils. The Bad Education movie will be in a cinema near you on August 21.




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