Welsh Nigerian Artist Kima Otung Shares New Single ‘4K’

Navigating through the realms of rejection and self-acceptance, Welsh and Nigerian R&B and Neo Soul artist, Kima Otung, pours vulnerability and conviction into her latest single “4K,” hailing from her debut album The Immigrant Kid.

“4K” is not merely a song but an expressive recount of a 13-year-old Kima experiencing her first crush and the sharp sting of youthful rejection. With reflection, she has reinterpreted that pain, learning that rejection can be a form of protection and that which is meant for her will not pass her by.

Kima Otung, whose sonic waves have touched international platforms, propelling her into the limelight, extends her narratives to embrace topics that orbit around self-love and societal expectations.

Her debut EP, Note To Self, released on September 27, 2021, offers not just melodic embraces but serves as an advocate for women’s empowerment and self-acceptance.

The single “I’m Cute,” inspired by Kima’s own journey towards self-love, emerged as a self-love anthem, urging listeners to embrace their beauty beyond societal validations.

“We Are Not Soldiers” delves into the societal expectations burdened upon black women, exploring the consequences of demanding perpetual strength and resilience from them.

Despite these reflections on vulnerability and societal critique, 2022 noted a year of significant achievements for Kima. Her music echoed within the FIFA World Cup 2022, where she was showcased, representing UK music in a global arena.

She further graced the BRIT Awards billboard stage as a headliner and was recognized by Google Arts & Culture and TRENCH as one of the 10 Future Leaders in Black British Music & Culture.

Music for Kima is not a mere career but an immersive journey that began at an early age. At 14, she was the youngest member of the Welsh National Youth Opera, directed by Tim Rhys Evans, the founder of Welsh choir Only Men Aloud.

This exposure to classical music, coupled with the gospel tunes that adorned her childhood home, has deeply influenced her musical style. A multi-instrumentalist, Kima navigates through piano, drums, and guitar, constructing a soundscape that is uniquely hers.

Kima’s music, recognized and celebrated by outlets like BBC Radio and earning her accolades such as the PRS Women Make Music award, continues to build a space where self-reflection and empowerment harmoniously coexist.

With a fan base of over 50,000 and hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, Kima intertwines her melodies with a potent message, reminding every listener of their inherent worth and strength, reflecting her mission to help women realize their greatness and validate their journeys.

Listen to “4K” below!


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