Welsh Rapper Juice Menace Returns With New Single ‘Weak Attempt’

Emerging Welsh songwriter and rapper Juice Menace has unveiled her newest powerhouse single, “Weak Attempt,” available since May 30.

Living up to her moniker, Juice Menace has masterfully concocted a dynamic blend of Jersey beats and robust lyricism, delivered through her signature potent performance.

Adopting a Jersey beat for the first time in her repertoire, the song stands as anything but a “weak attempt.” Instead, it cements her commitment to exploring new musical terrains, a sentiment echoed in her own words, “When I heard the beat, I knew instantly, I need to jump on this.”

The indomitable Cardiff-based rapper has made remarkable strides in an impressively short time span. Her rising prominence led her to be chosen as the face of RapUK’s Day One Club, marking her presence on a billboard in London’s Westfield.

Furthermore, she has contributed the track “For Her” to the soundtrack for the highly anticipated 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Juice Menace’s charismatic on and off-stage persona has garnered her a growing legion of loyal fans. Her influence extends across platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where she regularly interacts with her audience.

Her previous singles “Can’t Complain” and “Void” have received an overwhelmingly positive response, with “Creeping” earning critical acclaim from industry veterans like Charlie Sloth, Gal Dem, and GRM Daily.

Moreover, it has been featured in the Kiss Fresh and Represent playlists, and recognized by prestigious outlets including The Forty-Five magazine, Jack Saunders on Radio 1, and BBC Radio Wales.

Dive into Juice Menace’s audacious universe with “Weak Attempt”, available for streaming via the link below!


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