Who Is The Mysterious Krall In ‘Star Trek Beyond’? | Film News



With the upcoming third instalment of the J.J Abrams Star Trek reboot series scheduled for a summer blockbuster in 2016, the main question that all Trekkies want answered is who exactly is Krall in Star Trek Beyond?


Idris Elba portrays the new Star Trek villain Krall in Star Trek Beyond but yet does not feature in the new teaser trailer which was released in early December 2015. The new villain still remains to be a complete and utter mystery with very little information known about the origins of the character and whether he was intentionally invented by J.J Abrams specifically for this movie.


The Physical appearance of Krall also remains a mystery with special effects most likely to be utilised. The narrative for Star Trek Beyond will be centred around Idris Elba’s Krall as he battles against the Star Trek crew on an unknown hostile planet. Star Trek Beyond is one of the most highly anticipated films in 2016 but with the added value to witness Idris Elba’s Krall is an opportunity which one cannot be afford to be missed.



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