Why Is The ‘Minions’ Movie A Box Office Smash? | Film News


If someone told you an animated movie based off characters that speak entirely in gibberish for 91 minutes would make $280 million dollars, would you believe them? Well, you should, because it’s actually true. The new Minions movie has been a worldwide smash, practically decimating it’s rivals, including Jurassic World and the acclaimed Inside Out. In fact, the Minions can boast to having the second biggest opening ever for an animated film, only losing out to Dreamworks’ Shrek the Third.


Oddly though, despite the movie’s financial success, reviews have been less than kind. Critics have highlighted the weak plot and lack of heart particularly. While its movie rival, Inside Out, is currently boasting an impressive 8.7 rating on the IMDB website, it has earned considerably less than the Minions. Despite the criticism, Universal are planning to release Despicable Me 3 in 2017 and it seems a Minions sequel might also be in the works.



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