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A passion project of talented singer and songwriter Ella Walker, Wildes is a name you need to know about. She first made waves with “Bare” in 2016 but it was sparse releases to come. Her Illuminate EP in 2017 garnered much attention but now she returns with brand new single “Circle“.


Beautifully haunting and atmospheric best describes the vocal performance on this one. A deep, guitar driven track that grows and evolves with layers with subdued yet powerfully rumbling percussion. It seems like we are being taken on a journey.


Behind the fanfare and sultry vocals, Wildes is speaking to the common man. It’s a song about becoming lost in a failing relationship. Yet, getting caught up in the familiarity, instead of facing the problems in front of you, has never felt so warm & comforting.


In this case she explains: “It’s far easier to go through the motions than to admit to yourself that you are unhappy, so you continue, avoiding confrontation and living on the boundaries of that relationship. Something that was once beautiful becomes ugly, warped and toxic.”


Wildes is planning to release her first full record later in the fall, giving attention to the imperfect beauty in the world around us. A good selection of it is courtesy of award winning producer Catherine Marks. It’s partly worts-and-all, but it’s also a celebration of our innate condition.




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