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With the death of Wes Craven still in the hearts of many beloved horror fans, it would be very painful news to hear that a Scream 5 could become a possibility, without the presence of Wes Craven driving this film forward. For many people, the Scream franchise will always be closely associated with the iconic director, but there will come a time when one must let go and move on with the times that we are living in.


The Scream franchise is still very profitable and has the potential to achieve future box office revenue therefore there is no reason why a fifth instalment can’t be produced any time soon within the next 2 years. The speculation surrounding the original cast of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette and whether they are set to return to their former character roles still too remains uncertain.


Scream 5 could potentially be the start of something new and different, and help revitalise this ageing franchise if only the film is still able to satisfy the gory taste buds of such loyal followers. Even though the audience will never get the chance to witness Craven’s visual talents on screen once again, it does not mean that they can’t enjoy one more Scream film for the very last time.



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