Willow Smith + Diaspora – Wit A Indigo | Music Video


14 year-old singer and rapper Willow Smith has just released one of the most trippy videos of the year for her single “Wit A Indigo”. The video, directed by Ben Tan, is a new age, surrealistic homage to Indigo children who were “believed to possess special, unusual and supernatural traits in the Seventies“, according to The Independent. The track and the accompanying visuals certainly try to capture the essence of all that, with a psychedelic colour scheme, reality-warping aesthetics and an experimental take on the Trap style of music.


The finished product definitely elucidates the new direction Willow Smith is taking; a journey into spirituality and mind expansion. Willow even took to Twitter to introduce the video as “me and my frands [sic] spreadin some consciousness“. The track features her musical collective DIASPORA with members Crystal Mec, Tru and Tyler Cole all contributing to the single alongside Willow. Watch the video below.




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