Willow Smith Releases ‘Mellifluous’ Compilation | Music News



Willow Smith has just released a compilation of three songs on Soundcloud called Mellifluous. The compilation include “CAVE WALL”, “LITTLE SHARD” and “NEED TO KNOW”, which all include Willow (she also goes as Willough) amazing vocals and many slow guitar peels.


The songs are dreamy, very unexpected and different from what her brother Jaden Smith has just released, showing how the youngest Smith has developed a more transcendental music taste. Her new songs are very similar to the release of “NOVEMBER 9TH” a month ago after election day, as all her newest tracks are raw and emotional, and they know how to strike a chord.


Mellifluous is an amazing surprise for everyone who is trying to get to the end of the week alive, and needs a bit of emotional support by the amazing voice of Willow Smith. 




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