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Ares God of War


With a November production start edging ever closer, Wonder Woman appears to have acquired its villains in the form of The Sorceress Circe and God of War himself Ares. Heroic Hollywood broke the news that sources close to the project have revealed that Eva Green and Sean Bean are in consideration to play the respected roles that would see Gal Gadot go toe-to-toe with the infamous pair.


It would appear that if the rumours are true DC and Warner Bros. are taking Diana Prince back to her grass roots with Ares and Circe regarded as classic villains of the Demi-God. With Ares himself taking centre stage in the New 52 relaunch of DC‘s library of comic titles as not only villain but tutor to Wonder Woman. It will be interesting to see if screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Pan) will incorporate such an origin story into his script that would certainly paint an interesting dynamic between the two sparring sides.


With casting seemingly underway it won’t be long until we find out what the Wonder Woman film will look like as the cast is announced when production begins next month.



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