Woodkid – Volcano | Music Video



French multi-talented artist Woodkid, gives us a little insight of his incredible on tour performances in this video of his newly released track “Volcano” recorded live at Zenith de Paris. This striking spectacle of epic proportions will make every live performance you have seen become belittled to the level of child’s school concert. Woodkid truly knows how to put on a show in his home country with a massive screen behind him projecting his own graphic designed animations, a group of intimidating yet immensely skillful drummers adding to the tenseness of the track and a light show to leave you absolutely astonished.


But it’s within the music itself which truly amazes the listener, the combination of percussion, electronic distortions and his classic brass sounds will certainly captivate you like no other song does. If you’re like me and haven’t been lucky enough to witness this in person, this video will certainly ensure you make a much greater effort next time tickets go on sale.


According to Woodkid‘s website, he states: “Exactly 2 years ago, I produced this instrumental track especially for ‘The Golden Age World Tour’. The beat is articulated around a live Tuba and Brass hook, and arranged for a whole set of orchestral percussions and strings“. To celebrate it’s birthday you can head over to his website here, to download it for free. Enjoy.




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