Xcell Drama Drops Catchy New Banger ‘Love To Lie’

Nigerian artist Xcell Drama, also known as Egeonu Kirian Kenecehukwu, has just released a brand new single titled “Love To Lie”. On it, he is searching for the truth.

The track is blending afrobeat rhythms with some high-energy kicks and a slick groove. We can hear Xcell Drama battling between feelings of love and deceit. The song was inspired by a dishonest relationship he was in. “Love To Lie” has quite a good rhythm for this summer and to make you move on the dance floor.

About his new catchy banger “Love To Lie”, Xcell Drama explained: “‘Love To Lie’ is a song I wrote about my girlfriend who at that point in life lies almost over everything, so the message of the song is me talking about my love for her despite how much she lies as a person.

“Love To Lie” is his highly anticipated second single which is following his debut single “Neva Die” – a track that made an impressive release with over 103,00 streams on Spotify alone.

Xcell Drama was born and raised in Nigeria, where he discovered his love for music at a young age. He began his musical venture as a member of the collective Flakes, it was founded by fellow Nigerian artist IfeCoy and himself. He is now a singer-songwriter and professional sound engineer.

You can listen to Xcell Drama’s new song “Love To Lie” here:


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