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YouTube Red


Streaming sites are all the rage nowadays. It’s so much more convenient to sit in the comfort of your home and stream movies and TV shows than go out and buy a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of a film you enjoy. Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have been the main competitors in this sector, having become larger and more sophisticated over the years to the point that they now produce their own high-quality content. However, a third major player may be entering the fray: YouTube Red.


Although YouTube Red is limited to the U.S. at the moment (in case you were scratching your heads in confusion), having been launched October 28, they have ambitions to launch worldwide in the near future. They have begun to acquire streaming rights to movies and TV shows as they attempt to bolster their ad-free streaming service with desirable titles. It seems like a redoubling of efforts has taken place as executives have reportedly held meetings with Hollywood studios and production companies.


In addition to this, YouTube Red have stated their intention to produce YouTube Original Series and Movies, with the likes of gaming extraordinaire PewDiePie contributing. This has not been met with overwhelming enthusiasm, with many expressing their feelings that YouTube are destroying a community. Regardless, it seems like Netflix and Amazon have new competition on the horizon. Stand by for lower prices.



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