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Nordic four-piece Yung, have just released their debut EP, Alter. It’s a Scandinavian explosion of melancholy fuelled rage from the current punk capital of the world. Yung have been building their formidable live reputation in their home city of Aarhus over the past year, and now are now firm contributors to Denmark’s post-punk scene.


Alter is a brutal expression of the pain young adulthood entraps us in. The six song EP hits hard with very little time to catch your breath. As if Yung wanted to add a sense of urgency to the record, it was written and recorded only two months after the band formed. Much of singer Mikkel Holm Silkjear screeched lyrics revolve around life’s repetitive and pointless nature. It all has a refreshing feeling of sincerity.


Opening track “Imaginary Calls” sets the tone with a high tempo backbone overlaid by painfully raw vocal cries. Yung have much more melody to their sound than you would expect from nordic punk, track “Don’t Cry” even has a whiff of Sonic Youth to its guitar twangs. “The Regulator” pounds through much stronger however and “A Stain” closes Alter with a more to and from guitar composure. Alter is set for official release through Tough Luck records on March 2. The full EP is available to stream below.




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