Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Make Movie Debut In ‘Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom’ | Film News


We all know by now that having one successful career isn’t enough nowadays, and that is what internationally known football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is proving. Alongside his hugely successful football career, where he is currently playing for AC Milan, the star is making his movie debut!


Ibrahimovic will be part of the cast for the upcoming Asterix & Obelix film. This movie will be a fun and at the same time promising start for his new career. He has already been a brand ambassador along side his playing career, and now he is starting a movie career.


Regarding Ibrahimovic’s role, he will be playing Oneofus. We do not more information on his role as Oneofus but it is likely a supporting role. He confirmed his role on his Twitter account, which said “Antivirus“, which is his character’s name in English.


He will have some of the best French actors and actresses playing alongside him, such as Guillaume Canet playing one of the lead roles, Asterix, Marion Cotillard as the beautiful Cleopatra, Gilles Lellouche taking the second lead role, Obelix, while Vincent Cassel will play Cesar’s character.


The project is produced by Trésor Films, Pathé Films and Les Enfants Terribles. Philippe Mechelen and Julien Hervé wrote the screenplay, and Guillaume Canet is also directing. The filming should start in the next weeks for a 2022 release.



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