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The Hackney based pop singer-songwriter Zoey Lily has unveiled her first new single titled “Nothing”. Zoey who is a promising artist began playing piano at 13 which became an eye opener for her song writing. She later was drawn to her father’s acoustic guitar that today is also Zoey’s friend when it comes to the instrument she mainly writes her song with.


Zoey Lily is far from your regular, predictable popstar wannabe, she’s a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a poet and a pre-producer.”, HumanHuman says about the 20-year old talent that were raised up between London and southern French village, Les Mayons.


Zoey gives her own story of the song and says how she came up with the title of the track:


I wrote ‘Nothing’ based on one of my poems. Usually, I don’t think about a specific feeling or experience when writing, it comes together in a very intuitive way. I like to play around with melodies and phrases until it makes sense. This time I had the lyrics before anything else, so it was songwriting in reverse.


I started by taking the poem’s opening lines – ‘Don’t look back, there’s nothing to reverse / Crawling in circles, the times we were cursed’ – and formed the first melody around that.


It is a song that have different elements in it, such as ambient piano, sparse electronic beats, hushed vocals and haunting melodies that all gives an affect, and draws to an emotional appealing while listening to “Nothing”.


Check out the amazing new track by Zoey Lily here.




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