Zola Jesus – Nail | Music Video

Zola Jesus


You’ve got to admire artists who fully immerse themselves in their work, which is just what Zola Jesus did in her latest music video for “Nail”. The soul-stirring singer is not afraid to interact with the fear-inducing, which is clear when watching the video. As Jesus sings to be set free, she writhes inside of a claustrophobic sensory deprivation bed, provided by Kink Engineering.


The mood throughout is dark, especially at the beginning when she pushes against the latex sheet akin to a revived corpse in a horror flick. Director Jacqueline Castel explains: “The video for ‘Nail’ conceptually explores the dualistic themes of vulnerability and strength, bondage and freedom, death and rebirth in parallel to the lyrical content of the song”. Watch the video below.




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