‘Zoolander 2’ – Nothing New, Still In Style | Film Review

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“Relax, Don’t do it. When you want to go do it”.


Ben Stiller has been known to play A LOT of characters over the years, yet none has been as memorable as Derek Zoolander. The airhead male model that gets everything confused returns to the big screen, which perhaps with the 15 year absence, has lost some of the magic the original possessed.


Zoolander no.2 is first and foremost a comedy film, and much like many recent examples to have come out of the genre, it is predictable, simplistic, and often tries a little too hard. Though it adds the ‘Super-secret’ agent element to deliver its story, it’s really nothing that we haven’t already seen before. What’s worse? Making up something like “Interpol: High Fashion Division” is just so last season.


It isn’t to say that the film isn’t without its merits, as for many who enjoyed the original film may find themselves reliving this feeling. Hanging on to nostalgia, Zoolander 2 retains much of the characters and quirks from the past, it also adds on some contemporary reference for some comedic flair (Such as Benedict Cumberbatch playing as a Gender Neutral model All).


Though one might think that over-using guest stars is a bad thing, this isn’t necessarily the case for the film. A number of big named A-listers show up from time to time, with Katy Perry, Susan Surandon, and Keifer Sutherland playing really unexpected versions of themselves. All in all, the film carries an old flavor for comedy and delivery, but one that is still suitable for those who originally caught Zoolander during the 2000’s or even those who enjoyed comedy films at that time.



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