Zuzu – What You Want | Music Video



London-based Liverpudlian, Zuzu, has shared her visuals for new single, “What You Want”. She has already garnered the attention of many with track, “Get Off”. This is all in conjunction with, via, the promising prospect of a label, Hand In Hive. The video appears based on I Heart Huckabees, a film released in 2004.


“What You Want” fades in with feedback before tunefully hammering in with dirty, syncopated garage rock riff. It grooves and climbs simultaneously. The verses are a bit more sedate, really displaying expert sense of dynamics. A crescendo builds as instrumentation and intense vocal reach cacophony. A surprise key change ends the track.


The visuals appear to be the soundtrack to a day in the life if Zuzu. It appears to be a tense, unpleasant life at home, her sense of escape into joy only evident once she is out that door. Are her parents, or other peers, taking notes on all her faults, nit picking anything she does and says wrong? They seem to look more approvingly of her when she plays with her band.




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