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Baby On Board – Patricia Bright Doesn’t Dress Down | Fashion News

Patrica Bright


Ready to pop and still doesn’t cave into maternity clothing. The Loud, bubbly Youtube star Patricia Bright has definitely not let her pregnancy interrupt her passion for fashion. The soon to be mum has countlessly appeared on our monitor screens looking a million bucks, as she shares her thoughts and her life with the internet. Want some evidence? look no further than her Instagram page, Youtube videos or maybe this picture will be proof enough.


Patricia Bright


With roughly 735,716 subscribers on her beauty channel and 211,895 on her personal Vlog, the YouTuber isn’t the only Vlogger that didn’t let her pregnancy stop her from wearing what she wanted. Nikki Perkins an Australian Vlogger, made pregnancy glamorous and after given birth to a baby girl. The YouTuber looks as if she wasn’t pregnant. The Secret behind her remarkable snapback is all down to her genes, she told her YouTube subscribers following an extensive amount of comments on her YouTube page.




I guess you either got it or not and a baby is definitely not an excuse to let yourself go! who said pregnancy doesn’t look good…



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