Patagonia Unveils ‘Shitthropocene’ Film Addressing Clothing Consumption

Patagonia, known for outdoor gear, delves into clothing consumption with its latest film, Shitthropocene. Released on April 29, the movie highlights our culture of overconsumption, despite being made by a clothing brand.

The film, a blend of documentary and satire, aims to spark conversations about sustainability. Patagonia’s President, Jenna Johnson, emphasizes their aim to educate without overwhelming negativity. She states, “We wanted to bring people into this conversation in a way they could grasp.”

Shitthropocene tackles the evolution of consumption, showcasing the absurdity of our societal habits. Johnson admits the challenges in affordability but stresses a behavioural shift towards conscious purchasing.

Patagonia has a history of bold marketing moves, like the 2011 Black Friday ad urging against buying their jacket. This film continues the tradition, confronting overconsumption while paradoxically promoting their durable products.

The film criticizes the fast fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Alex Weller, Patagonia’s VP of Creative, notes the normalization of hyper-consumption and the need for counterpoints.

With humor and intelligence, Shitthropocene explores how humans are biologically wired to consume. It highlights Patagonia’s efforts in sustainability, including repair services and upcycling programs.

However, the film’s message may be at odds with Patagonia’s growth and manufacturing practices. Despite this, the brand aims to catalyze change in consumer behavior.

Shitthropocene serves as a call to action, urging viewers to rethink their consumption habits. Patagonia hopes to inspire a shift towards mindful purchasing, even if it means buying less, but better.

Watch the trailer here and check out a taste of Patagonia’s own garms below!


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