CBS Drops Official Teaser For ‘Flash/Supergirl’ | TV News

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CBS Drops Official Teaser For ‘Flash/Supergirl’ | TV News



It’s coming real close now folks! The highly anticipated cross-over finally drops a little teaser for fans via Supergirl‘s twitter page.


Slated for a release this coming March 28th, the episode will see both popular DC heroes fight together to defeat a common enemy. So far the Flash has been playing around with the concept of multiple universes, and is seen as the probable reason behind the meeting between the crimson speedster and the girl of steel.



The episode will also mark the very rare opportunity of two networks crossing over aswell, as CBS currently owns the rights to Supergirl while CW owns the Flash. Both shows, along with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow were written and developed by the same time, so there may also be other possible crossovers between them in the near future.



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