‘Deadpool’ Sequel Already On The Cards | Film News – Conversations About Her

‘Deadpool’ Sequel Already On The Cards | Film News

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‘Deadpool’ Sequel Already On The Cards | Film News

Deadpool 3


It was inevitable. Deadpool has only come out today but its box office predictions are healthy enough that 20th Century Fox have already commissioned a second installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Getting Deadpool onto the big screen has been a labour of love for those involved, especially for Ryan Reynolds who stars and produces this project, and it shall be a relief to all that their studio has enough faith to demand more of the merc with a mouth.


In the same report, it is claimed that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already hard at work developing a script for the sequel and that 20th Century Fox are keen to keep the whole team together for this project.


Deadpool has caused controversy due to its R-rating with many complaining that kids and teenagers won’t be able to enjoy the spectacle; there was even a call for a child-friendly version to be cut. Rightly, the call was ignored, because Deadpool really is a different kind of superhero movie and a welcome one too.


To reiterate, Deadpool is out in cinemas today and stars Ryan Reynolds as the fourth-wall-breaking, outrageous mutant who is on a mission to kill the men who nearly destroyed his life and threatens his ex-girlfriend. For a sneak peak of what to expect, if any parents out there are actually considering taking their kids to see this, check out the trailer below.




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