Final Series Of ‘Peep Show’ Begins Filming | TV News

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Final Series Of ‘Peep Show’ Begins Filming | TV News


Ever since its debut in 2003, Channel 4’s Peep Show has been a hit racking up a total of eight series to date! However, fans may feel disheartened as show creator Sam Bain wrote on Twitter that the final ninth season has begun filming. The show centres around bickering housemates Mark, played by David Mitchell, and Jeremy, played by Robert Webb.


Mitchell spoke about the final season to Digital Spy stating that the two would not have a happy ending, “they will be in horrible pain as usual“. He also commented that he would be up for a reunion series stating, “who knows, 20 years later, they might come back together in old age“. Channel 4 have scheduled Peep Show series 9 to air during winter this year.



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