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‘Love Island’ T-Shirts Introduced In Primark | Fashion News


For 6 days a week, at 9pm Love Island graces our screens. Giving its viewers 60 minutes of the dramatic on-goings inside the villa of contestants, which is situated within Spain. Love Island has become one of Britain’s most popular TV shows within the last couple weeks.


Following the daily occurrences of those on the show. The ITV2 show aims to encourage it’s participants to find love. The public then vote on which couple they like the most. The winner, announced in two weeks, will win 50 grand.



Due to the popularity of the show, Primark have now launched their own range of ‘Love Island’ t-shirts. They’re plain t-shirts, coming in both white and pale pink. Each top contains a different catchphrase from the show. With slogans such as ‘100% my type on paper’ which is seen to be said quite a lot by contestant Amber Davies . ‘I use to be in Blazin’ Squad’ which is pointed out frequently by Marcel Sommerville. Each shirt is being sold at a reasonable price of £6 within the Primark stores.





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