New ‘War Of The Worlds’ Adaptation Coming To BBC | TV News

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New ‘War Of The Worlds’ Adaptation Coming To BBC | TV News


H.G. Wells‘ classic 1898 novel, War Of The Worlds, now often seems to be connected with the 2005 Steven Spielberg adaptation as opposed to any other adaptation. The contemporary setting – and 9/11 allusions – of the film updated it for a new audience, but the BBC is aiming to adapt the source material into a new three hour mini series.


The adaptation will be faithful to Wells’ original work, with a true Victorian setting, BBC drama controller Piers Wenger announced at a recent London presentation, where he also mentioned a new adaptation of Little Women. Peter Harness (Doctor Who) will write the script, with Mammoth Screen producing.


The original tale followed an Englishman and his younger brother as aliens invade, with the recent 2005 production moving the action to New Jersey. It will be interesting to see whether the BBC are influenced at all by the countless other adaptations of the source material while attempting to keep the story fresh for a contemporary audience.


Production is set to begin in 2018.



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