‘Sharknado 4’ To Be Titled ‘The 4th Awakens’ | Film News

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‘Sharknado 4’ To Be Titled ‘The 4th Awakens’ | Film News



Considering the delivery of the announcement being set on the day of fools, this is certainly no joke. Yes the newest installment to the Sharknado franchise going ahead and they aren’t missing an opportunity to parody.


Syfy’s modern cult classic will be carrying the subtitle The 4th Awakens, which is obviously a joke drawn from the newest Star Wars movie. Thankfully that will be the only connection each film will have, as Sharknado 4‘s story is set five years after ‘Oh Hell No!’.


The film will once again see the return of Tara Reid, who has been a regular to the franchise. Sharknado 3 stars David Hasslehoff and Ryan Newman will also be making a return.


the film is slated for release on July 31st of this year.



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