‘The Hateful Eight’ Cinematographer Suggests New Oscars Category Devoid Of Effects | Film News

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‘The Hateful Eight’ Cinematographer Suggests New Oscars Category Devoid Of Effects | Film News



A particular issue has recently been raised by some of the leading Cinematographers in Hollywood, as films are becoming more and more reliant towards the use of digital visual effects.


According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Hateful Eight cinematographer Robert Richardson has recently expressed his concern regarding the imbalance between VFX and traditional cinematography. “I wish there were two categories” he explains, as “there are films that are shot relatively ‘normal,’ and then there are films that are shot with all visual effects and very minimal live action.”


“It’s just not a level playing field currently. A great deal of what viewers are looking at is not in fact shot by the cinematographer but is created by artists on a computer and by the director directing them and the cinematographer that’s working hand in hand with them.


So let’s open this up so we have a more even playing field and a more exciting one — with 10 films, with a wider range. The dilemma is, how do you define it? It’s extremely difficult to say what percentage is a VFX film versus ‘classically’ photographed.”


He surely touches a nerve to one of the biggest problems that is currently plaguing the film industry, as traditional methods are becoming overshadowed by far more simpler and easier to use techniques. Thus many are losing their well deserved recognition for their efforts, especially when faced with the possibility to win an award.



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