The Reappearance Of The Tassel Earring Trend | Fashion News

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The Reappearance Of The Tassel Earring Trend | Fashion News


Instagram is always one step ahead of the fashion game, much like Vogue. So when you consistently see an item appear upon your screen, you know it will soon become the next trend. The latest style to be brought to the pages of magazines is the tassel earring.


The noticeable statement piece has been upon many celebrities at award shows, red carpets and even being seen upon actors on our screens. Lucy Hale, who plays Aria in Pretty Little Liars, has been seen many times on TV wearing the trend.





Many models were seen with the item in Fashion Week aswell, and it seems to come about everywhere. The vibrant colours of the tassel give character to what might be a simple outfit consisting of plain colours or it could just enhance the already exotic pallet of colour someone is wearing.





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