Zac Efron To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy | Film News

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Zac Efron To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy | Film News


Zac Efron has been cast as infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming indie production Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile. Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster) is set to direct, with Michael Werwie having written the screenplay that was on the Black List until recently.


The film is set to begin production in October, and “follows the dysfunctional relationship between Bundy and his long-time girlfriend Liz. Bundy, a killer and rapist of young girls and women who was notoriously charming, was executed in Florida in 1989”.


Efron certainly fits the “notoriously charming” aspect, and it will be interesting to see him in what will arguably be his biggest, toughest role to date. Long typecast as a tween idol following his High School Musical roles before his recent foray into comedy got him typecast again, this could be the role to send his career into far more intriguing directions.


Until then, Efron is set to appear in Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson, which hits cinemas Thursday, May 25.



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